From the very beginning, the entire focus of your lesson is on you. Everyone has their own learning style and optimal pace; and with a private lesson, the highly qualified Dansk Sejlunion instructor will tailor the lesson plans specifically with you in mind. With this option you will learn the most in the shortest amount of time.



What is included in the course
  • Safety Assessment
  • Understanding the wind window
  • Understanding the safety-systems involved
  • Launching and landing the kite
  • Body dragging techniques
  • First water start with board
What makes it special
  • You start steering your own kite as soon as you enter the water. No sharing of kite and instructor
  • Photos and videos of your sessions  will be shared with you

“Looking forward to try kitesurfing and get my opinion on this trendy hobby, I went on board with Jonas during a privat lesson. This was a very good mix of all the vital theory (for security reason but also mandatory to progress), direct experimentation in the water and ad-hoc advise, no waste of time here! After few hours and my first meters downwind, I was already addicted”

 Dylan Waltzing, IT expert

“Thanks to Jonas for the good training and formation he gave me. I totally recommend him for beginners as well as advanced kitesurfers. He has good material and a very safe approach of this sport.
After a few sessions, I was able to practice by myself. Now after a year or so, I have a lot of fun  Kitesurfing!”

Brice Gustin, (air)bus driver

“Jeg har aldrig kitesurfet før. Og udover min lyst og fascination af sporten har måske også været lidt intimideret overfor vindens kræfter, de tynde liner og den generelle risiko for at komme til skade. Hos Køgebugt Kitesurfing tog vi det i mit tempo og byggede på trin for trin uden at haste. Jeg følte mig hele tiden tryg under Jonas’ supervision og meget kyndige vejledning. Jeg har allerede og vil helt sikkert igen anbefale Køgebugt kitesurfing til andre.”

Henrik Skovgaard Simonsen, manager

“Ačiū Jonui už kaitavimo kursus ir kad išmokino mus kaitavimo pagrindų, kad galėtume patys toliau mokintis. Dabar liko tik praleisti daug valandų ant vandens. Jonas labai geras instruktorius, kuris ne tik tave supažindina ir išmokina bet ir turi laiko išgerti su tavim alaus ar arbatos po kaitavimo ir niekad neskuba namo. (more…)

Martynas and Ugne, lovers

“Kiteboarding always seemed out of reach for me. But thanks to Jonas and his technical and safe learning, I managed to handle it in a few hours. I know feel confident to go out and enjoy!

Paul Slater, occupational therapist

“J’ai commencé le kite durant l’été 2014 par un stage de 4 jours avec Jonas. Et grâce à son expérience du kite en particulier et de la glisse en général, sa lecture du vent et surtout sa capacité à transmettre tout cela par ses tale (more…)

Grégoire Chauvin, teacher