Life is better when you surf!

We promote our kiteschool as the best way to get positive emotions with multiple health benefits. It is good for your heart, bones and spirit!

Our Courses

Private lessons
Zero to hero, the fastest way to get on the board.
Semi-private lessons
Designed for those who wish to learn to kite together with a…
Introductory lesson
New to the sport and want to give it a try?
Foil lesson
Foiling is a great addition to our sport.
Unique experience! Fastest way to get hooked.
Did you do your kiteboarding course a year ago or more? You…

What Our Customers Say

“Looking forward to try kitesurfing and get my opinion on this trendy hobby, I went on board with Jonas during a privat lesson. This was a very good mix of all the vital theory (for security reason but also mandatory to progress), direct experimentation in the water and ad-hoc advise, no waste of time here! After few hours and my first meters downwind, I was already addicted”

 Dylan Waltzing, IT expert

“Thanks to Jonas for the good training and formation he gave me. I totally recommend him for beginners as well as advanced kitesurfers. He has good material and a very safe approach of this sport.
After a few sessions, I was able to practice by myself. Now after a year or so, I have a lot of fun  Kitesurfing!”

Brice Gustin, (air)bus driver

“Jeg har aldrig kitesurfet før. Og udover min lyst og fascination af sporten har måske også været lidt intimideret overfor vindens kræfter, de tynde liner og den generelle risiko for at komme til skade. Hos Køgebugt Kitesurfing tog vi det i mit tempo og byggede på trin for trin uden at haste. Jeg følte mig hele tiden tryg under Jonas’ supervision og meget kyndige vejledning. Jeg har allerede og vil helt sikkert igen anbefale Køgebugt kitesurfing til andre.”

Henrik Skovgaard Simonsen, manager

Meet your instructor

Get toned and tanned !

while experiencing excitement, fun, sheer joy, adrenaline rush and much more...

Our Gears

PLKB Sheperd 5769dkk

A playful board built for fast- and easy riding through any conditions.

PLKB Compass 4390dkk

Redesigned with an all new Quick Release with easy Click Recovery.

ION Hardshell 429dkk

The perfect entry level for beginners as well as for advanced riders.

School boots 329dkk

The 5.0mm neoprene makes sure your feet stay warm.

PLKB Gambit 8690dkk

Our new allround kite that gets you going instantly.

Personalised package -15%

Choose the size, the color and the model.

PL Stormsteamer 1099dkk

This wetsuit will be perfect for spring and autumn cool water sessions.

Booster Vest 679dkk

It offers extra buoyancy along with more handy features like pockets, and a drinking bladder fixture.